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About Us

About Us really translates into "About Me." 

BBird Biz is very much a one-woman show!I've been a pet groomer for over 30 years after burning out in a career in the field of mental health.  For the past  fifteen years I have been developing as a speaker and educator of groomers, appearing at various trade shows, writing on groomers email lists and the BichonFrise-L. , publishing articles online, and writing on the GROOMBLOG.

 I've sold retail at my Tucson business, Transformation Pet Center for 25 years.  I discovered that I enjoyed selling and once I got over my inhibitions about being "pushy", I started to love it.  I've been selling pet health foods and alternative pet supplies as well as  grooming items and pet gear.  Several years ago, I sort of fell into a distributorship of Arius-Eickert shears and began selling to my groomer friends.  About three years ago, the BichonFrise email list started purchasing Cetacea Step-In harnesses from me for their bichons.  Since both of these product lines are not easily found in the usual sources, it seemed appropriate that I offer them.  In 2004, I published two books and came out with my own line of aromatherapy oil blends  for people and pets to help manage stress in the grooming shop.  I had been studying and using aromatherapy little by little on my own for 9 years. 

 I have been selling all of these products and a few more to my groomer and pet owner acquaintances by email.  Now it's time to make it easier for you, and ever so much more organized for me.  Voila!  We have: and the shopping cart, shop.BBird.Biz.  The goal is to generate enough sales to empower me to spend more time writing and supporting other groomers.  It's a loop: you support me and I'll support you.  I need money, you need information and explanation.  I'll trade you. You shop and I'll write. That's my deal. 


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BBird Biz Goals -

We have started small - a 20-item shopping cart.  Some difficult choices were necessary.  As soon as possible, we will upgrade to a larger platform with more items.  BBird Biz will always remain modest and personal, a place where groomers can shop from one of their own and pet owners can buy from someone who knows dogs.  Thanks! 


This site is dedicated to the memory of El Gringo, one "berry cool" bichon, who was rescued in Ensenada, Mexico, spent six short years at my feet and on my lap, and who will live forever in my heart. He passed away unexpectedly on XMas day 2004.  He had many fans!


Click HERE to link to El Gringo's stories at the Transformation Pet Center website

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