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Aromatherapy Info

   The following links will lead to further information about the Scented Groomer products and the original article that inspired their creation.


Aromatherapy For Pet Groomers

Uses of aromatherapy in the grooming salon. 


About the Scented Groomer Aromatherapy Oils

A description of each oil blend and its uses


Essential Oil Descriptions

A discussion of  the therapeutic properties of each oil used in the Scented Groomer products.


Essential Oil Safety

Safety precautions and considerations in using essential oils.


My PersonalAromatherapy History:

My interest in holistic health and alternative practices began in 1983 when I decided to add retail sales to my pet grooming business.  I wanted to do something exclusive and different, so I chose pet health foods, supplements, and alternative products.  Little did I imagine how this business choice would change my life!  An interesting process of self-education and life transformation commenced. 


In 1994 I attended a seminar on aromatherapy for groomers at Groom Ed Trade Show in Colorado.  My curiousity about aromatherapy was kicked up a notch and I began using essential oils at work and at home, reading and studying, and experimenting to find what I liked and what worked for me.  As my use and understanding of aromatherapy gradually expanded, I became more confident.


While writing an article on Aromatherapy for Pet Groomers in 2003, it occurred to me that as long as I was sharing about using essential oils, it might be a good thing to have my own line of products to offer those who were not ready to blend on their own.  The Scented Groomer was born.  I firmed up my formulas that I was using at Transformation Pet Center and thought up some catchy names.  The formulas were all used and tested at work and were introduced to the marketplace in 2004 at Mid Atlantic Pet Professionals trade show where I was a speaker.  Since then, two more blends have been added to the product line.

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